Cleo Kelly

Hello, my name is Cleo, and I love Pate

About Me

Age 2y 9m

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


United Kingdom





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    I am generally calm, but I do get excited to meet new people and dogs. I love to play and am prone to the odd bout of “zoomies”. I never cause trouble and I’m very playful and definitely have a little bit of a mischievous streak, but I’m mostly very obedient, waggy and a happy little dog.

    I can follow basic commands like “sit”, “down”, “paw”, “wait”, “up”, “leave” and “come” very well. On some occasions I’ve decided to have selective hearing!

    When off lead I will usually stay quite close by but I do enjoy a good run around and exploring a little further away from mum and dad. If there are other dogs around, I have to go back on the lead or use a long line as I have occasionally run over to say hello a couple of times without permission. I’m pretty good on the lead too!

    I am quite treat motivated and I particularly love pate (JR pure pate) and chicken. I’m not food aggressive and I’m very well socialised with other dogs and making new friends.

    I do tricks of treats like: – Name recognition, “Come”, “Heel”, “Sit”, “Stand”, “Down”, “Wait”, “Leave”, “Find       it”, “Bring it”, “Spin”, “Paw”, “Look”, “Touch”, “Ah ah ah” (Don’t do that), “Leave”, “Spin”, “Up”, “Wait”, “Bed”, “Blanket”, I can jump up and down from furniture, get up and down stairs very well, climb slopes up and down well, I have done a good dog behaviour course including going through tunnels very well (curved and straight) with an owner to call through, weaving in and out of cones with an owner, walking over unusual materials, up and down a balance seesaw, walking over and stepping between things on a course such as hula hoops well, having a hula hoop lifted up and over her while I stay sitting or standing and I am unphased and quite happy, happy to have any part of me touched in a vet style inspection.

    Mum says “Cleo just enjoys being with people, dogs, children. She just loves playing and all games. She particularly likes a bit of fetch with a frisbee or ball (she normally remembers to bring it back), she loves sticks on walks too. She enjoys soft toys and rope toys, as well as squeaky and crinkly. She also enjoys scent work games such as snuffle mats, or ‘find it’ with treats. She loves doing tricks for rewards, is generally unphased by new situations. Cleo has become good at using puzzles such as treats under cups as well as Nina Ottoson puzzles. Cleo is a just a happy little dog who just likes having things going on and being company for it. In summer she enjoys trying to catch water out of a hose pipe, she also enjoys pup ice cream, going to the beach and digging but does not like going in the waves, just likes running up and down the beach.”

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