Ivaar Cowdrill

Hello, my name is Ivaar, and I love cheese, chicken, fish or sausage. I’m a Tamaskan Wolfdog

About Me

Age 7y 2m

Tamaskan Wolfdog


United Kingdom





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    I am a very calm dog, not at all hyper but sometimes I need a little bit of time to adjust to new environments due to some nervousness. I’m very well behaved and good at following most commands in most situations. I do lose my mind a little if I spot a squirrel to chase though Hehe. I will follow almost all commands in most situations providing I’ve had some time to adjust to the environment. I know all basic commands including sit, lie down, wait, stay, heel, paw etc.

    I can walk very well to heel off the lead in most situations although I can have a wondering nose at times so may get a little distracted occasionally. I can walk calmly on the lead, so long as I’m not finding the environment overwhelming, but a bit of Frankfurter usually does the trick! I don’t like sharing food with other dogs. Other doggies are ok, but I prefer to work alone.

    I take part in a range of sports including canoeing, paddleboarding, bikejoring (I know my directional commands), canicross and mantrailing/scent detection. I also have a wide range of tricks that I know but my favourites are bow, paw, wave, sit pretty, spin (clockwise) and twist (anti clockwise), growl and middle (between mums legs)

    It is easy for me to be bias here but Ivaar is unlike any dog I have ever owned or worked with before. He is so intune with my emotions; it is like our souls have intertwined. He is currently in training as my assistance dog (I have autism). It may not seem like he’s doing anything special or unique from the outside but this dog has and still is changing my life every single day with his devotion, dedicate and love

    The dream is to wake up to sausage for breakfast every morning, to finally catch that squirrel I’ve been chasing for last 4 years and to continue to live out my years living my best life adventuring in the wilds of our beautiful country. Oh and did I mention sausage?


    My mummy says “Ivaar definitely has a sense of humor and is always making us laugh with his silly antics. He loves to roll on his back and “smile” which always gives everyone around him a good giggle. He just seems to know exactly what to do to brighten your day if you’re feeling down. Those who get to know Ivaar fall in love with him and it’s like he becomes a part of your family. He is so loving, gentle and devoted to his pack both 2 and 4 legged. He’s truly a special dog.”

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