Louis Bowis

Hello, my name is Louis and I’m a French Bulldog from Manchester

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French Bulldog


United Kingdom





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    I am very calm at home. However, in new environments I love to explore, sniff, and meet new friends so I can get a little bit distracted. My Mummy regularly takes me to photoshoots, and I always deliver despite my initial excitement. I am currently going through the terrible twos. I am well behaved, but I also have a lot of character as I am still a young dog so sometimes, I just want to play and say hello. Once I’ve said hello, I’ll get to work. My Daddy says Mummy lets me get away with too much, but he tells lies. I can sit on command, stay, and give my paw. My Mummy and Daddy regularly take me for walks off lead, I will walk a little ahead as I am having fun exploring, but then I will always stop and wait for my pawrents to catch up. I can walk calmly on my lead, but I stop quite often to sniff and leave my scent. On the lead if I see another dog, I may pull a little as I want to say hello. I also pull if it starts raining and I want to get home quickly. I hate the rain, it’s cold and wet! I don’t pull like a train though, more like a 1.0 engine car! I am very fussy with dog treats, but I love hooman food, you can always persuade me with some chicken, pate, or McDonalds (particularly a sausage and egg McMuffin). I also have a strange obsession with balloons which will motivate me to do most things, but then I get very excited!

    I’m not food aggressive, I live with two cats, and they regularly share my food. I also share theirs too, but don’t tell my Mummy and Daddy. I have a best friend called Milo (a pug) who I love to spend time with. However, when I was 9 months old a cockapoo was playing with me and I broke my leg, this has made me cautious of bigger dogs, especially cockapoos. I don’t ever growl at them, or bite, but my Mummy can tell I am anxious by my behaviour. I can work with other dogs if they are friendly and preferably of a similar size. We have found that most other dogs tend to not like me when we are on walks. My Mummy says it’s because they are jealous of my pretty face, she has also read that it may be due to my pointy ears and lack of tail, as it means I can look aggressive to other dogs, and they cannot read me as I do not have a tail to wag so they cannot tell if I am happy. I am a big goofball though, so they have nothing to worry about. I can do tricks, but I will never be as clever as Pudsey who won Britain’s got Talent, but I will certainly keep you entertained! I am also a ‘Balloon popper extraordinaire’!


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