Yoda Boy Blain

I am Yoda,  a very rare Crustie…that is a Chinese Crested Hairless X Yorkshire Terrier

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    I can be calm, but it’s almost only when I sleep!  I wouldn’t say I am a very excited dog though.  I think we can say I am a very intense dog that a hard time’ sometimes, to manage his emotions 🙂

    I am trying my very best to behave well all the time.  But I am still a baby and have sometimes ‘zoomies’ period!!!! 😉 I am not a dog who digs, or chews things in the house.  I only play with my toys.  I also have 4 cat siblings.  I would like to play with them, but I bark and I bark, I bark and they don’t seem to understand!  I am wondering if they just ignore me, they are too stupid or they really speak another language like Mommy is always telling me!

    I am sometimes a little psycho, when I am really tired and then I won’t manage myself at all! I know my basic commands like sit, stay, lie down and some little tricks but I am really in training now. I would love to walk calmly without leash but when I see something interesting; and everything is interesting you know? I lose all my manners and just run and keep running…

    I love to take walks with my Hoomans! I am really calm and listen very well.  I will sometimes be off leash with other dogs and will well behave if they are well behaving too 🙂 Obviously, I don’t pull like a train, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t! I am too tiny. At the beginning of my training, I would do things only for treats, but now, I can be motivated by other things, but if you want to make me something special, just offer me my favorite treat and I will do anything for it!

    I like Grogu (baby Yoda).  When I was 2 months old, with my ears still down, I looked very much like him.  Now that I have a little bit growned up, My Mom hooman says that I have a Yoda’s soul.  I don’t really know what she means, but well! It’s seems to big kind of a big thing, so…!

    All my special needs turn around my skin.  I need solar cream and light sweaters in the summer to protect  me from sun.  I also need to be dressed to go outside in the winter, which is unfortunately very rude where I live 🙁 I am very chilly! And in summertime, I can easily get heatstroke!

    Mom says “My dog changed my life for the best.  Since I am disabled, I needed a friend who could still challenge me to learn and do new things.  He is a little light for everybody he meets!


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